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So.. I hear you ask.. what is this all about?

Well its quite simple : There was a thread in a newsgroup about a web site and in one posting I asked what tool had been used to build the site as it contained a lot of badly formed HTML. The response to this was a rather sarcastic email pointing out that my own web site wasn't compliant.. basically implying that I should shut up !

So I decided to start to go through my site and actually make it compliant to the W3C standards.

The W3C allows EVERY page that passed their compliancy tests to show a special icon (shown below). I did consider using it on each page but instead decided to mark each subset of the website as compliant once all the pages in it were done and upto standard.

There have only been a couple of problems with formatting : primarily with Netscape 4.7 but these have been pretty minor

Valid HTML 4.0!

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